Art construction

Kelosound is a new sound art and design product by Kirsi Ihalainen. It is a log that plays sounds from the Finnish forests and nature. We provide Kelosound with wood material and do the required sawing, drilling and inlays.

A complementing partner for artists

In art construction, the artist has a vision of the end result, and our job is to enable the realization of that vision by offering our comprehensive understanding of different wood materials, building techniques, functionality and aesthetics. We believe that the perfect partner for an artist is not a soloist. If anything more, an artist is best complemented by a bassist. In order to achieve a successful creative end result, it is important that the artist can participate in the different stages of the execution to the extent they feel necessary.

For example, we have delivered a whole snag with branches intact to the Serlachius Art Museum Gösta. We used a digger when logging the snag in order to keep the branches intact. For transporting the snag, we built trestles to our log truck to ensure that the snag and its branches stayed intact during delivery to the museum. After handled by the exhibition team at the Serlachius Museum, the snag was incorporated into the Landscape exhibition on the museum’s third floor.

Kokonainen kelo näyttelyyn