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Hirren varaaminen

“Hirsityö Heikkilä’s expertise in the field of repairing old log buildings is on a great level. Depending on the building, they examine solutions that were typically used in the era the building was constructed and acquire replacement materials independently. In addition, they are genuinely interested in old buildings. Cooperation with Hirsityö Heikkilä is smooth and straightforward.”

Pasi Korhonen, Constructor Engineer and CEO, Inmeco Oy

A companion in demanding projects

Our headquarters are located in a wood construction cluster in Karstula from where we have successfully implemented different construction projects with public and private builders. In large projects, we cooperate with other construction businesses. Our network of partners enables us to also handle construction and structural planning, permits and carpentry as well as timber and transportation services. Take a look out our references or contact us, so that we can discuss the execution of your building project in detail. We handle each assignment with strong expertise.